• Cinnamon Braised Pork Carnitas

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    • 2 lb Pork butt, diced
    • 6 x Cinnamon sticks
    • 3 ounce Garlic, sliced
    • 2 Tbsp. Fresh thyme, minced
    • 4 Tbsp. Ancho chile pwdr
    • 1 med White onion, small dice
    • 1 Tbsp. Cayenne pepper
    • 2 c. Brown pork or possibly poultry stock
    • 3 sm Beets, roasted and diced
    • 3 med Turnips, diced and sauteed
    • 2 med Carrots, diced and sauteed
    • 1 med Onion, diced and sauteed
    • 3 med Parsnips, diced and sauteed
    • 1 med Flour tortilla, diced & fried crisp


    1. Saute/fry the pork till nicely browned. In a heavy bottom pot, sweat the white onion, garlic, and cinnamon. Add in the pork, ancho pwdr, cayenne and fresh thyme. Add in water to cover and allow to braise till water is evaporated. Allow the pork to cook in rendered fat for 5 to 8 min.
    2. Add in the cooked vegetables and pork together and add in the rich brown stock. Allow to reduce. The consistency should be a tight ragout.
    3. Serve on mixed greens and garnish with the crisp tortillas.

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