• Chorizo

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    Prep: 1 hours Cook: 2 min Servings: 50
    by John Allred
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    An authentic traditional chorizo recipe that will transport you to Spain and add that real flavour to dishes that some commercial varieties lack.


    • 3kg Pork shoulder, cut into 4 cm dice
    • 1kg Pork fat, cut into 4 cm dice
    • 375ml Red wine (Tempranillo)
    • 170g Paprika, smoked (La Chinata)
    • 88g Garlic, peeled, minced finely
    • 55ml Extra Virgin Olive oil
    • 82g Salt plain
    • 6.8g Chilli flakes, finely ground
    • 3.8g Black pepper, freshly milled
    • 2 ea Sausage casing 36mm


    1. Peel garlic; mince finely
    2. Saute garlic briefly without colour in olive oil
    3. Add red wine to above; bring to boil; remove from the heat and chill completly
    4. Cut the pork shoulder into 4 cm dice (or the size of the worm for the mincer) Removing all sinew and tough connective tissue in the process
    5. Cut the pork fat into similar sized pieces as the pork shoulder
    6. Chill the pork fat & meat
    7. Using a 8 mm mincing plate, pass the pork/ fat together through the mincer into a large mixing bowl (previously chilled)
    8. Add the wine/ garlic mixture to the above; mix briefly to combine
    9. Add the paprika, salt, pepper & gorund chill flakes; mix briefly to combine
    10. With the aid of a sausage extruder fill the prepared casings
    11. Tie off the casing with string or using traditional method to form links
    12. Allow to hang in fridge in open air to dehydrtae for a week prior to using.
    13. To serve slice diagonally 1.5 cm thick;saute with a little olive oil briefly on both sides.
    14. Alternatively add to your favourite Spanish recipes as required

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