• Can a automatic visual inspection machine adapt to different pharmaceutical environments and needs for manufacturing

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    In order for the visual inspection machine to determine which elements will pass the comparison and which not, it must have a kind of guidance, a focal point at which the vision inspection system manufacturers tell you what could be right and what should be discarded. For this, they have created a program that clearly shows the cases in which the object that is being studied should be discarded.


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    • Visual Inspection: The process of sorting unacceptable units from acceptable units by human visual inspectors and/or through qualified equipment. Fully automated visual inspection: The process of sorting unacceptable units from acceptable units by equipment (camera system).
    • Patient safety is priority one in pharmaceutical industry. Even the smallest defects in filling and sealing of pharmaceutical vials can have a big impact on the quality of the product, and in turn, on the health of the patient.
    • When filling vials, many different aspects need to be inspected to ensure perfect quality – from the container itself to the position of the stopper through to the crimp on the cap. Companies often inspect vials using different machine vision systems, each of which inspects individual aspects. Automatic optical inspection systems from sipotek provide the most consistent and reliable quality control.
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    • Today we will talking about can a automatic visual inspection machine adapt to different environments and needs for manufacturing?
    • Before going on the market, these machines were tested under various conditions controlled by their manufacturers.
    • The tests for the manufacture of an ideal visual inspection machine were done under certain specific environments, which is why several manufacturers began to think whether their operability was completely determined by the conditions in which it would be within the company. The truth is that this, although it does not change the functionality of automated vision inspection systems, but may slightly affect the result of the inspection.
    • It is important that the machine rests in a place where all external elements that can transform the inspection results can be controlled.
    • It must be remembered that one of the most important aspects to start a session with a visual inspection machine is that no element can influence the object, making the automated vision inspection systems in turn confuse and translate it as an error or defect. That said, we can say that a visual inspection machine must be in a particular room, where there is perfect control over its lighting.
    • If the machine is exposed to a changing natural or artificial light source, the results will be displayed equally as changing.


    1. If the machine is placed in an environment where the light is constantly changing (for example, next to a window with strong lighting), it can affect the object, creating an effect of light and shadow on the object, giving unclear information to automated vision inspection systems, increased the margin of error and this will happen every time the lighting that passes into the room changes over time.
    2. Perfection and precision are two of the fundamental aspects of these systems and of these machines.
    3. These machines and these systems were created to be precise, so they will literally process everything the cameras show. That said, it is known that a conditioned space will be required to place the visual inspection machine.
    4. Once you have the machine in a controlled environment, you can continue the process with confidence. On the other hand, the visionary manufacturers of these machines were also able to predict their popularity, so they created them to meet various needs.
    5. With this we refer to the different fields of application that these machines currently have, who were initially created to accurately observe all those physical defects in some parts, parts or complete objects. The most common failures to find: cracks, cuts, erroneous dimensions, among others.
    6. But clearly, after some time, these functions were exceeded, so much so that industries such as the pharmacist hired the services of these machines, and the results they have shown are accurate.
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    8. Whether large or small parts, a visual inspection machine can determine what fault exists in it. At present, defects such as irregularities in the quantity of material that the piece has, the operability of an electronic component, and also the quantity of product that exists inside a container can be added, discarding those that are empty.
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