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    Moorishly fruitful with a citrusy burst on the tongue! Makes: 72 + 55 = Total 127 Rusks using a 72 & 55 Rusk Pasella pan (1 large + 1 medium sized pans) or use your very large oven pan + bread pans. *Note: If you decide to buy the Pasella pan (South Africa) for your Rusks make sure to get the correct pan size & cutters for 72 Rusks. Lovely with breakfast or even that 1st morning cup of coffee! Any time of the day! Noon or night! Even when guests pop around for tea! You may purchase extra mixed candied peel to make it “extra citrusy & special!” If you don’t have a Pasella rusk pan (South Africa), you may use your very large oven pan that comes with all ovens. This recipe can be varied. i.e., by adding 1 cup of blanched sunflower seeds or by adding a cup of candied citrus peel. *Note: Sunflower seeds must be blanched for 3 seconds in rapidly boiling water to prevent them from turning green in your rusks. *Chefs Tip: For every 26.5 g of dry weight, as in, flour, muesli or bran... You must use 1 ml measure of baking powder per every 26.5 g of weight). In this recipe I have added an extra 10 ml baking powder to help lift the fruit. (If omitting the fruit & adding 250 g of sunflower seeds instead, use 50 ml baking powder). Add extra 1ml of bicarb per every 132.5 ml dry ingredients, i.e.; flour + bran. Bicarb helps with rising & must be added where there is an acidic ingredient such as buttermilk or fruit. Remember “baking law,” all measures must be loosely packed & levelled off with the back of a knife! (Not heaped!). Remember fruit being heavier, will need that bit extra lift / leavening to help raise it up. *Weights are far more accurate than cup & spoon measures, especially when it comes to the bran in this recipe. Bran can be very tricky to measure correctly, there being many varieties around. Ingredients: *Use a very large mixing bowl with a minimum capacity of 7 litres. *Note: If using the porridge flakes from the box crush them finely. Always cheaper to use the baking flakes


    • 1 kg Cake Flour (2, 364. 88 millilitres)
    • 60 ml baking powder
    • 325 g bran (1.8 litres Kellogg’s all bran flakes uncrushed) *Far cheaper to use the one for baking
    • 400 g sugar (500ml?)
    • 10 ml salt
    • 10 ml bicarbonate of soda
    • 500 g margarine (540 ml)
    • 500 g Safari fruit cake mix (420 ml)
    • 4 large eggs
    • 2 cups fresh full cream Jersey milk
    • 500 ml evaporated milk (Nestle, Carnation or any other good brand of Ideal milk)
    • 500 ml buttermilk (substitute with milk soured with lemon juice or vinegar)
    • 3 - 4 large eggs beaten (Can be left out completely if you’re out of eggs!)


    1. Method:
    2. 1. Preheat oven to 180 C (350 F)
    3. 2. Mix the Cake Flour, sugar salt & baking powder together. Sift into large bowl & add the bran flakes.
    4. 3. Rub in the margarine until crumbly.
    5. 4. Add the dried fruit cake mix (any good brand like ‘Safari’ will do). Beat eggs, mix bicarb with buttermilk. Add the beaten eggs & stir in the evaporated milk. Mix bicarbonate of soda with some of the buttermilk. Add bicarb buttermilk mixture & swish out any remains your fresh milk and add.
    6. 5. Mix all together well & smooth out mixture into a greased pan no more than 2/3 thirds full.
    7. 6. Bake for + / - 45 minutes, turn out & cool. (Do not cut whilst hot or still warm! You will compress all the air out!) When cool, cut into pieces & dry out day or overnight at 90 - 100 degrees C. (Keep temp very low when drying out. Fruit has a high sugar content & tendency to burn. If don’t trust your oven do this in day so that you can keep an eye on them)
    8. Makes: 72 + 55 = Total 127 Rusks using a 72 & 55 Rusk Pasella pan
    9. • Store in airtight containers.

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