• Basic Savory Beef Stew

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    Servings: 4
    by susan c. vergalla
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    This recipe has evolved over many years of trying new variations, but this is the best version, according to my family and I.


    • 1 lb. beef stew cubes.
    • 2 cups of no sodium beef bullion.
    • 1 very large baking potato, washed, and cut into medium sized rough chunks.
    • 2 large carrots, washed and peeled, cut into large chunks.
    • bag of any kind of flour to use generously for gravy.
    • sifter for adding flour to stew.
    • garlic powder.
    • onion powder.


    1. 1. Sear beef chunks, in non-stick skillet. Do all sides.
    2. 2. Add beef broth, stirring up bits from bottom of pan.
    3. 3. Add beef and broth to crock pot.
    4. 4. Put crock pot on low.
    5. 5. Cover meat with garlic and onion powder, twice each!!
    6. 5. Using sifter, add small amounts of flour until desired thickness of gravy is reached.
    7. 6. Gravy may take an hour or two to thicken fully. Wait until it reaches satisfactory thickness before adding vegetables.
    8. 7. At least an hour later add potatoes and carrot chunks. Stir lightly, to mix. Do not over stir during cooking.
    9. 8. Cover and wait 8 hours, or until meat is falling apart on the fork.
    10. 9. Check occasionally, to see if gravy is right thickness. If not sift in more flour in very small increments, as heat will work eventually to thicken it.

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