• Baby Clams á la "Bulhão Pato"

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    Baby Clams á la "Bulhão Pato"
    Prep: 5 min Cook: 15 min Servings: 8
    by Maria Luisa
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    A very good and quick appetizer for those who like the taste of sea. Cook it for an informal meal as it is better eaten with your fingers. Choose a cooled dry white wine Enjoy


    • Very fresh Baby Clams - 4,5 pounds
    • Garlic - 8
    • Fresh coriander - 1 cup
    • Olive Oil - 3 tablespoons
    • Lemon - 2


    1. Keep Baby Clams on salted water until ready to use, so that all sand comes out of shells.
    2. Chop garlic
    3. In a large deep pan, put olive oil and garlic.
    4. Add the Baby Clams, shaking well the water. Do not season with salt or pepper.
    5. Put pan on the stove, lid on, at a high mark.
    6. Once it starts boiling, wait about 5/8 minutes while shaking the pan.
    7. Remove from stove and add chopped coriander.
    8. Serve with lemon thick slices.
    9. Good as an appetizer with fresh rustic bread.

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      Very nice seafood recipe.

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