• 10 things to keep in mind before you develop your mobile app

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    Are you planning to launch the new startup idea that has the potential to change the future and you are looking to develop the application? Or Are you planning to launch your business app? Well, then you should keep in mind following 10 things before you actually select any Mobile App development company in Australia.


    • 1. Feature List
    • This is a very important thing to take into consideration as the cost of the project would be based on the features you select. Mobile development company will charge you based on man hours which in turn depends on the features that you want to include in-app. You need to be more precise on features, don’t leave anything assumed, document every small thing (which might seems to be obvious) it will definitely be handy on a long run.
    • 2. Define the Scope of Work
    • The scope of work is something which clearly states what work would be done by the development company. This would sound similar to Feature list but believe me, it is not, Scope of work will define the details like platform i.e. iOS, Android, Windows and their compatible Operating System to which it will support. Furthermore, define very clearly out of scope features so you can be on the same page. There are few things like Server costing, SSL costing, Domain name costing would be considered as out of scope features.
    • 3. Project Development Method
    • Don’t stress if this gets too technical, I will try to keep it in a layman language as I can. So every app would go through the Software Development Life Cycle also Termed as SDLC. They fall into the following categories:
    • Waterfall Model (Everything would be developed first, Tested and delivered. So you will get final product at the end of time duration)
    • Agile Development (You get the small version product at the end of each Sprint where you can review and set priorities as per your need.)
    • If you are not so sure on the features list or You want to launch the product very rapidly and add the new features rapidly, I would strongly suggest the Agile Development method.
    • 4. Design & Wire frames
    • Many companies don’t follow the wireframes, I strongly suggest to develop the wireframes, and this is the stage where your involvement would be required most. And this is the stage where you will need to go forth and back number of times, but this is the stage where you would be able to visualize your product and more ideas will pop up into your mind.
    • Wireframes are followed by designs where you will need to figure out the colour schemes of your product and this is where UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) will come into the picture. If you are expecting a high number of users from first weeks of launch I would suggest getting experienced UX designer into the project, as this is the part where the user would leave awesome feedback & worst feedback based on their experience with the app. Keep things as simple as they can be.
    • 5. Testing
    • This is the part where most people struggle and get most annoyed. Be sure to ask the development company to prepare the test cases and test themselves first. Also if your time availability is critical I would suggest to higher the QA person at your end to make sure your app meets the standard requirements. Otherwise, you would end up getting bad feedback and you would end up annoying your users an app crashes and bad user experience due to lack of testing.


    1. 6. Scalability
    2. This is again a most critical part, Imagines your app is well marketed and is on top charts of App store & Play store (Sounds really awesome), and than when you want to work on feedback of the user or want to add some more features to app and you realize existing app is not scalable and will need to redeveloped to meet the requirements, well if you even do redevelop, do you think you won’t get any competitors by the time your app gets redeveloped? Imagine Orkut & Facebook scenario. You obviously don’t want to end up like Orkut, no body does. So make sure you convey the scale ability feature to your app development company.
    4. 7. Server Management
    5. In case if you are wondering what the heck is a server? And do I need to purchase the machine? No, not at all. The server is the place where your application data get stored. So what is with Server Management? Well, you will need a 99.99% uptime server to make sure your app is available most of the time. And as the number of users grows you might need to upgrade your server to manage the traffic. So these things come under server management.
    6. 8. Support
    7. You should be looking at at least 3 months of FREE support from the app development company as you would be needing some after sale support, as there would be unseen bugs and issues which you will need them to solve as and when you get feedback on them.
    8. 9. Security
    9. Security is something core of any app. If you are aware of the current crypto world there are many hacks which had resulted in the loss of a large amount of money. To understand the sensitivity and gravity of security of your app. Few things to take care is SSL, 2 Factor Authentication, Encryption & Decryption. Also, I would recommend using AWS as a back-end server.
    10. 10. Marketing
    11. Marketing is the core part when we need the user’s attraction. I would want you to take a good amount of budget may be more than actual development cost if you really are looking to boost the app and have the branding. Digital marketing includes SEO, App store optimization, PPC, Facebook & Social Media paid marketing.

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