• White chocolate pie with strawberries

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    White chocolate pie with strawberries
    Prep: 20 min Cook: 15 min Servings: 8
    by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica
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    Smooth, silky and elegant dessert.


    • 20g butter, melted
    • Pie crust (home made or bought)
    • 200g fresh strawberries, cleaned, halved
    • 50g brown sugar ( Muscovado )
    • 100g white chocolate
    • 250ml cream, chilled


    1. Grease the pie mold with butter and dust with some flour.
    2. Place the pie crust dough in the mold, remove the excess dough, line with greaseproof paper. Cover with dry beans and bake for 10-15 minutes in the oven at 180˚C or until golden. Do not over bake the dough because it will be too hard when cooled. Take out of the mould to cool completely.
    3. In a saucepan, combine sugar with strawberries, and cook over low heat until sugar completely dissolves. Set aside to cool.
    4. Melt the white chocolate over low heat, stirring constantly. Whisk smooth by adding 50ml of the cream.
    5. Whip the remainder of the cream (200ml) until soft peaks form. Fold the whipped cream into the white chocolate mixture.
    6. Fill the pie crust with stewed strawberries. Cover with white chocolate cream.
    7. Garnish with fresh strawberries and white chocolate swirls. Refrigerate until serving time.

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