• Vegan Japanese Cuisine: Daikon Chrysanthemums

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    Here is a simple and “artistic” recipe using daikon and yuzu/lime. It’s called 菊花大根/Kikuhana Daikon which can be translated as Chrysanthemum Daikon. You don’t need Chrysanthemums, but only cut the daikon into the shape of the flower!


    • Daikon: Roughly a quarter.
    • Lime: 1
    • Salt: a little
    • Sugar: 3 tablespoons


    1. -Cut the daikon into slices you will then trim into the shape of flowers with a knife or a mold. As for the trimmings you may add them to the whole marinade and serve them with another salad or side dish.
    2. -Sprinkle the daikon flowers with a little salt and let them marinate for 10~15 minutes.
    3. -Peel the lime and cut the skin/zest into thin strips.
    4. -In a bowl, press out the lime juice. If you don’t get enough, add rice vinegar to it until you obtain the equivalent of 3 tablespoons of “juice”. Add the sugar and lime zest strips and mix well.
    5. -Drain the daikon flowers (and trimmings if included). No need to press them hard. Add them to the marinade. Cover with cellophane paper and let marinate inside the fridge for a whole day.
    6. -Serve it in a nice “artistic” fashion!

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