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    With the consistent increase in social media platforms, Twitter has become a popular platform to facilitate conversations. With about 336 millions of active users on a monthly basis, Twitter reigns itself as a popular platform to perform micro-blogging activities. Even Twitter constitutes the busiest place, where you may share news, humors, opinions and stories within only one minute. However, the question that strikes in our mind is that how Twitter Management is helpful for business in terms of gaining traffic leads and achieving maximum sales. For this, you should go with focused action, so that you may easily convert your existing Twitter account into a lead-generating one. To get the best results, you have to follow the mentioned strategies- Twitter Name and Twitter Handle Business owners should use the business name as the Twitter name, as it indicates your identity. However, to become creative a bit, you should opt for Twitter Handle and make sure that it may associate easily with your offered brands.


    • Design a Twitter Landing Page
    • After you setup your profile and ready to create waves, you have to design a Twitter landing page. You have to keep in mind that you have to collect information while you should redirect the leads from your Twitter profile to any other site.
    • While designing a landing page, you have to convince you visitors to enter a valid email address, so that you may easily start your conversation even outside of Twitter. Even as a part of effective Twitter Management, you may add new sales into the CRM software, monitor the online traffic brought by Twitter and measure the function of your social selling strategies.
    • Implementation of Twitter Cards
    • As a business owner, you want each of your sent tweets to stand out. Positively, Twitter cards are excellent ways to do so. You may setup the website to make sure whenever people share any of your posts, the respective image should display in their sent tweets.


    1. Create Twitter Followers
    2. When you succeed to achieve targeted and engaged Twitter followers, you should make sure increasing their numbers to make the most from your business. Especially, to come up with an effective Twitter Management, it is essential for you to choose targeted keywords. Once your exact numbers of followers increase, you expect to get higher numbers of clicks and engagement from your website.
    3. Identification and Engagement with Influencers
    4. Whenever you opt to engage with your influencers, you create an excellent opportunity to obtain higher numbers of Twitter followers, higher engagement and higher traffic to the website.

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