• The Texas Two Step Burger

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    The Texas Two Step Burger
    Prep: 5 min Cook: 10 min Servings: 1
    by Patti Fisher
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    We were cooking at the Murrietta Farmer's market a few weeks ago and ran out of hamburger buns. I told the boys that I had Texas toast if they wanted to try a burger on that. To make a long story short we blazed through 2 loaves of toast. I think they liked it a bit… So, I got to thinking, a painful process on the best of days. How can I make an ultimate burger using Texas toast? We give you the “Texas Two Step”: 2 slices of Texas toast buttered and toasted with Parmesan cheese. Piled high with 3 slices of Pepper Jack Cheese, 6 strips of pepper bacon and 2 1/3 pound beef patties.


    • 2 1/3 pound gourmet grass fed 85/15 beef patties (or use your favorite ground beef)
    • 6 strips of thick cut pepper bacon
    • 3 slices of Pepper Jack cheese
    • 2 slices of Texas Toast
    • Butter, softened
    • Parmesan cheese, grated


    1. Mix the Parmesan cheese with the butter. Do this to taste. Patti loves a thick spread with lots of cheese. Butter one side of each piece of toast liberally; this will be the outside of your burger. Cook the pepper bacon and set aside.
    2. Grill your burgers, when you turn then add the toast with the buttered side up. Give it a few minutes to brown then flip them over with the butter side down. When you have a good toast on the bread, add the cheese. One slice on one piece of bread and each patty. When the cheese is melted it is time to put on your boots. Add two strips of pepper bacon to the cheese on the bread, stack a patty on that. Do it again, two strips of pepper bacon, stack a patty on top of that. Now, the last two strips of bacon and top it with the toasted Texas toast.

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