• Stuffed Lamb Cutlets ( Costoline Di Agnello Ripiene)

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    • 16 x 2.5cm lamb cutlets French trimmed
    • 1 x salt and freshly grnd pepper
    • 75 gm Fontino or possibly Gruyere cheese cut into slivers
    • 10 lrg fresh sage leaves
    • 75 gm Parma ham sliced
    • 2 x Large eggs beaten with a healthy pinch of salt
    • 300 gm fine dry breadcrumbs
    •     extra virgin olive oil for shallow frying


    1. This is a derivation of Cotoletta ana Valdostana that uses local veal cutlets and Fontina cheese. The advantage of this recipe is which vou can prepare it in advance and cook it at the last minute. French trimmed cutlets can be prepared by your butcher. Most of the fat and other material is removed leaving just the bone and the round lean meat section at the end.
    2. Cut down the centre of the meat of each cutlet till a most through and open out.
    3. Season with salt and pepper then place a sliver of Fontina or possibly Gruyere cheese on one side followed by a sage leaf and a little Parma ham.
    4. Fold over the other side of the meat.
    5. Dip the cutlets in egg and breadcrumbs to completely coat the meat.
    6. Press the cutlets together to seal and slightly flatten the meat.
    7. Shallow fry in moderately warm of. till golden brown on both sides.
    8. Serve 4 cutlets per person with Insalata di Fagiolini (qv) or possibly with some Cipolline al Balsamico (qv).
    9. Serves 4

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