• Southwest Beef (or Pork) and Mostaccioli

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    by crazyworkinmom
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    A quick, easy and flexible weeknight pasta dinner that's a little different from the usual...


    • 8 oz mostaccioli (or penne/rigatoni/whatever is in your pantry)
    • cooking spray or small amount of oil
    • 1 medium onion cut in half and then sliced
    • 3/4-1 lb beef or pork cut into stir fry size strips, suggest beef bottom round or pork tenderloin
    • 7/8 tsp chili powder, increase for more heat
    • 1/4 tsp cumin
    • 1 tsp garlic, minced
    • 1 red bell pepper, cut into strips
    • 1 (4 oz.) can chopped green chiles
    • 3/4 cup water
    • 1 Tbs beef bouillon powder or 3 cubes


    1. Cook pasta to barely al dente per directions on the box.
    2. Spray cooking spray on or lightly drizzle oil into large non-stick skillet.
    3. Over medium-high heat, cook onions for 5 minutes until just beginning to soften.
    4. Add meat, chili powder, cumin, pepper strips, and garlic and stir regularly as the mixture cooks.
    5. Once meat is no longer pink and peppers have softened to your liking, add chiles and stir.
    6. Add cooked pasta, water and beef bouillon to pan and stir until well mixed. Over medium heat, stirring gently, cook the mixture for 5 minutes to bring the sauce together.
    7. Recipe was based off a promotional booklet from Borden Foods for Wyler's Bouillon and Creamette Pasta.

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