• small almond cookies

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    nice moister almond cookies


    • Ingredients:
    • 280 gr. almond powder (pure)
    • 280 gr. icing sugar
    • 125 gr. lukewarm melted butter
    • 45 gr. flower
    • 170 gr. White of eggs
    • Materials:
    • a piping bag with a round nozzle
    • silicone molds for individual cakes (eg tupperware) or refractory cake baking papier


    1. Preparation:
    2. melt the butter in a saucepan, stand 3
    3. turn the heat back to "1 to keep the butter warm
    4. Mix the almonds with the icing sugar and flour in a food processor or Sue a mixer
    5. allows mixing on a low setting.
    6. After two minutes add the egg and keep the easy mixing tempo
    7. when everything is well mixed add the melted butter and leave to turn more on slow tempo
    8. fill out the dough in piping bag with a round nozzle, and spray on silicone molds up to the edge, or do the same with baking paper
    9. bake the cakes in your oven or hot air oven at 200° for 13 to 15 minutes
    10. cool and serve
    11. Note:
    12. The dough is perfect in the refrigerator for five days

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