• Sausage stuffed mushrooms

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    by Jennifer
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    I've been perfecting these throughout the years and now they are my biggest requested appetizer for get-togethers and holidays! I don't make many things well but these are by far the best thing I make! Even our Chef at our restaurant wanted this recipe! This is based on using 2 large packages of large button mushrooms.


    • 2 pkg. large button cap mushrooms
    • 2 tbs EVOO
    • 1/2 stick butter or margarine
    • 1 tube package Bob Evens spicy sausage
    • 1 cup each shredded asiago and parmesan cheeses
    • 1 green bell pepper
    • 1 red bell pepper
    • 1 large sweet onion
    • 2 cups italian herb bread crumbs (I love Illio DiPalo italian & cheese)
    • sliced provolone to top


    1. - Preheat oven to 375
    2. - Heat EVOO in a medium skillet over medium to high heat
    3. - Dice and mince finely peppers and onion and saute until crispy & browned in skillet (I some times process veggies)
    4. - Add sausage to veggie mixture and cook through until browned
    5. - Add sausage & veggie mixture to large mixing bowl
    6. - melt butter and add to sausage mixture
    7. - Add bread crumbs and cheeses and using hands, mix thoroughly
    8. lightly grease or spray a 9X12" pan or dish (but you can really cook them in any size dish!)
    9. - lightly rinse and de-stem mushroom caps
    10. - using hands scoop out stuffing mixture and tightly pack a heaping portion into caps
    11. - fill pan or dish making sure mushrooms touch and are squeezed into dish (makes it easier to top with cheese)
    12. Bake mushrooms on 375 for approximately 20-25 minutes.
    13. Top entire pan or dish with sliced provolone
    14. Bake again on 375 for an additional 10 min or until cheese is golden brown.
    15. Remove, cool slightly and serve! They go fast so save some for yourself!

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