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Rice and potato Recipe
by fateme shahin

Rice and potato

this is a very delicious Iranian food, i tried in an Iranian restaurant. It's made so easily! Enjoy

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Prep time: Iran Iranian
Cook time: Servings: 1

Goes Well With: apple and fennel salad, fruit yogurt

Wine and Drink Pairings: basic red


  • Rice: 3 cups
  • Potato: 2 or 3 medium potato
  • Fillet of lamb or chicken: 4 pieces
  • Salt, pepper, dried dill: as much as you need


  1. This cuisine will cook either with drained or undrained rice. If you prefer the drained one, then you must peel the potatoes and dice them in small sizes. Pour the drained rice in the boiled water, and after a few minutes, add the diced potatoes and wait for five more minutes. Now drain the rice and blend it with some dried dill and then steam the combination. The recipe is just like the “baghala polo.” If you prefer to cook it in an undrained form, you need to place the rice in a pot and add the salt with a little amount of oil. When there was a less amount of water, then add the dried dill and cook the rice entirely. The baked meat or chicken will blend with rice while serving the meal. Enjoy it!