• Poultry Gravy for Beginners

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    One of the best comfort foods on the planet, gravy is only as good as the liquid stock used to make it. Canned stock is okay, but nothing beats homemade. Gravy, made from flour and oil, butter, rendered fat, etc., and a stock, can be tricky for new cooks, as it is prone to creating lumps, and other problems.


    • Following are suggestions on how to make wonderful poultry gravy every time.
    • 4 cups homemade chicken stock, previously refrigerated, coagulated fat at top skimmed (you can use this as the roux fat, just melt it first and measure)
    • 1/4 cup flour
    • 1/4 cup fat
    • seasonings: salt, pepper, chopped or sliced cooked eggs, cooked giblets, poultry seasoning (use sparingly), chopped parsley
    • See links for homemade chicken stock
    • If you are making turkey gravy, add turkey carcass to your homemade stock with 2 cups of water, simmer one hour, uncovered. Discard bones, strain stock, then proceed to make gravy.


    1. Suggestions:
    2. Have all your ingredients within immediate reach.
    3. Whatever stock you use, it must be concentrated in a form that is delicious to taste on its own. Never mind salt and pepper at this stage. Those can be added. Does the stock taste good?
    4. Flour and oil/fat are best combined in a 1-1 ratio, e.g., 2 tbs. oil, 2 tbs. flour. This fundamental combo is the base from which you will create your gravy with a good stock.
    5. The trick to making the gravy work is to slowly add stock to the oil/flour combo, stirring contantly over a medium heat.
    6. If the heat is too high, the mixture may begin to clump, and while not a complete disaster, it may require a sieve to press the gravy through to remove the clumps.
    7. The gravy will thicken over time, as you stir.
    8. If it gets too thin, stop adding liquid and continue to reduce.
    9. (Biggest problem is adding too much liquid, too quickly.)
    10. When the gravy is refrigerated, it will thicken somewhat, so if I'm going to refrigerate it, I add a bit of extra liquid.
    11. Instructions:
    12. Heat the skillet to medium, put in the fat (butter is okay, but burns quickly).
    13. Stir in the flour.
    14. Stirring constantly, begin adding liquid.
    15. When it's the consistency you want, add other seasonings, remove from the heat.

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