• Pastata Pronto

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    Servings: 2 Bowls
    by Azzurricook
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    Exactly as it says - a really fast pasta dish!


    • 100g wafer-thin cut pepperoni, sliced into strips
    • small handful basil to taste
    • 1 chopped red chilli (or to taste)
    • black pepper, crushed in pestle and mortar - 7 peppercorns or to taste
    • pinch of salt
    • 5 tbsp olive oil
    • 200g cherry tomatoes, skins on, cleaned and cut in half
    • 150g tube-pasta such as rigatone or penne


    1. Put on the pasta to cook in plenty of boiling hot, salted water
    2. Add the olive oil to a suitable frying pan over a moderate heat
    3. Add the chilli, peppercorns and basil
    4. When the wonderful smells hit your nose, add the pepperoni and stir vigorously for about a minute
    5. Add the tomatoes and turn the heat up, stirring vigorously for 2 minutes before reducing the heat again
    6. Simmer the sauce until the pasta is done (I like al dente best)
    7. Drain the pasta and stir thoroughly into the sauce
    8. Garnish with fresh basil & a very light dusting of Parmesan

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