• Overview of IV Hydration Procedure, Ingredients, and Special Combinations

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    Our R360 motto above is what we always strive for whenever you come into our one-of-kind and relaxing IV Hydration Therapy and Wellness Clinic. We will always welcome you with open arms in certain cases when you may be sniffling and whimpering through a mild cold, the “achy-breaky” flu, and/or other upper respiratory infection (URI) with or without nausea and vomiting; the “runs” from a bug that you unfortunately caught after consumption of contaminated food.


    • IV i.e. intravenous fluid drips provide a combination of vitamins, saline solutions, and electrolytes by using a small catheter and a tube directly in the bloodstream. The ingredients in any particular IV formula blend to address different types of health requirements. To get the therapy, you have to search for IV Therapy near me or by typing anything similar on Google.
    • Procedure Involved
    • Once you get an appointment in a hospital or clinic by searching IV Drip near me, you will get a nurse or a doctor to provide you the intravenous therapy. Your nurse will insert an intravenous line in your vein. This line remains attached to a bag containing a saline solution.
    • IV therapy bags are special bags, which allow gravitational force by opposing the force of a syringe or any other similar technique to carry fluids within your veins over time.  The duration of the treatment varies from a minimum of 30minutes to a maximum of 45minutes depending on the condition of a patient.


    1. Basic Components of an IV Solution
    2. According to the experts providing IV Hydration near me, intravenous vitamin drips possess two basic components-
    3. Saline solution
    4. This is a sterile mixture of water and sodium chloride, which hydrates your body and helps in the easy delivery of vitamins and medications.
    5. Organic Nutrients
    6. IV drips contain organic nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which a human body uses to maintain its regular functions.
    7. Additional Ingredients and Combinations Included
    8. IV formulas have a combination of various ingredients designed for the treatment of specific health targets and conditions. The blends of IV infusion have a combination of electrolytes, essential fluids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Each of the IV therapy treatments contains an optimum balance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and medications to provide tons of health benefits. However, the specific ingredients may vary largely among formulae.
    9. IV Formulas and Ingredients According to Health Requirements
    10. A few of the IV formulas contain diluted medicines in the saline solution to help in relieving pain or improving the condition of nausea. Besides, you get a chance to choose intravenous add-ons to formulas for boosting the energy levels while giving support to weight loss and achieve healthy metabolism.
    11. How IV is better than Oral Rehydration Solutions and OTC Supplements
    12. Now, the question arises is that why one should search for IV Therapy near me to undergo intravenous treatment instead of availing oral rehydration solutions or over-the-counter types of supplements?
    13. Oral medications and supplements come with low bioavailability as compared to IV drips. They have to pass through the digestive system of a patient to metabolize before approaching to the circulation. Moreover, the way, your body can absorb medicines or supplements depend on an individual’s age, his/her illness, activity level, stress levels, mal-absorption issues, and similar others.
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    15. On the other side, ingredients present in an IV drip are of 100percent absorbable by the human body, as they administer directly in the bloodstream. The human body thus uses the highest amount of whatever it requires and excretes the remaining to achieve the highest possible effect. As IV drips directly enter your bloodstream, its ingredients become available to the cells in your body in no time. Indeed, IV hydration provides the instant effect of a medication or supplement as compared to any oral medicine.

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