• Norval's Posole (Mexican Hominy Stew)

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    •     Lean pork on bones, No fat
    •     White hominy
    •     Minced white cabbage
    •     White onions, minced
    •     Little green onions, minced
    •     Red radishes, minced
    •     Chili sauce, (pace or possibly picante)
    •     Plain white bread
    •     Oregano
    •     Salt in shaker


    1. Cook pork till tender. Add in hominy and continue cooking till both are ready. Skim excess oils and fat. Serve in large soup bowls. This is better than menudo on Sunday morning!
    2. Cook the pork for quite a while and when the hominy is all cooked in the pork broth (after it is skimmed), just add in the ingredients from the separate bowls till you get it the way you want it. This is the way they do it in Mexico. The bread is for slurping up the juices in the bowl. Some of the Mexicans like hard rolls. If you have this for breakfast on Sunday morning you must have a beer with it.

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