• My Delicious Secret Natural Hummus Recipe

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    My Delicious Secret Natural Hummus Recipe
    Prep: 30 min Cook: 30 min Servings: 4
    by jason
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    I made a secret hummus recipe and am sharing it. while living in Israel I learned much about middle eastern foods and the spices that grow and are being used in that part of the world. It was not unusual to see people get out of a car and walk to an empty field to pick spices. As a youngster growing up in the USA I did not like hummus as it was sold from a can. only when I lived in Israel did I taste fresh made hummus of many varieties and learned how and why to eat it as a meal. I never imagined I would make a hummus recipe myself , and it would be so delicious that if I were selling hummus I would now be rich. Anyways, this recipe is in promotion of my book about life in Israel - " Leaving Home , Going Home , Returning Home : A Hebrew American's Sojourn in the Land of Israel". Cook Eat Share and Read - Jason Alster MSc


    • dry roasted nuts ( a unique addition to any hummus recipe) Israeli olive oil, Israeli olives , tahini sesame paste that should be liquidy, fresh lemon , tyme, or sumac , ginger , onion for cooking with the hummus , onion gives the hummus a sweet taste , garlic cloves or chopped garlic , fresh chick peas that must be soaked in water over night , ground sea salt.


    1. As in the video - cook the soaked chick peas with its water and garlic and some oil , and ginger , onion tyme , salt , . When soft , take out onion, tyme , ginger. Leave garlic in. The onion would make hummus too mushy. Put about 4-5 dry roasted nuts or smoked nuts or even bar b que nuts per serving in blender first. blend. Then add chick peas with it's water and garlic, blend, then some more salt , blend. Add sesame paste to blended chick peas , lemon , garnish with olive oil , israeli olives , sumac tyme or parsley. Serve room temperature or slightly warmed , not cold. open a pita in half , toast with olive oil and paprika and use for dipping into the hummas.


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      It is a better version of the recipe- thanks
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