• Molten Lava Cake

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    Servings: 5 ramikins
    by maan credo
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    Cut the cake, and whoop! choco lava rushing through, melting down to your plate; visually mouth-watering and tastefully amazing. Super easy steps with super practical ingredient in a super rich chocolate filling and... feeling!


    • 5 choco bar
    • 4 oz unsalted butter
    • 1/4 c flour
    • 2 pcs eggs
    • 1/3 c sugar


    1. Preheat oven at 175c
    2. Melt chocolate over simmering hot water/double broiler/microwave.
    3. Mix the egg and the sugar
    4. Add butter into the melted chocolate
    5. Mix choco into the bowl then add flour
    6. Grease your ramikins with butter and slowly pour in the batter
    7. Bake for 10- 15 min.
    8. Let if cool for a couple of minutes before transferring into the plate
    9. Cut in the center with a fork and you'll see the reason as to why it was dubbed as 'MOLTEN LAVA' cake.
    10. Serve and Enjoy!

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