• Microwave Your Own Popcorn In a Bag Is Safer than Store Bought?

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    Microwave Your Own Popcorn In a Bag Is Safer than Store Bought?
    Prep: 2 min Cook: 3 min Servings: 1
    by Claudia lamascolo
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    In the last few years it has been in the news, researched over and over, it is not recommended to purchased those premade bags of microwave popcorn and could cause lung issues. READ on video on the blog to follow. Here is a simple way to make it at home, you can trust this is safe and know what's in it for sure!


    • popcorn
    • paper bags
    • salt


    1. For video and instructions follow the link below for further instructions and studies found. @Whats Cookin Italian Cuisine Blog

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    • Stacey Maupin Torres
      Stacey Maupin Torres
      I have been wanting to try my own homemade popcorn, and wanted a nice microwave method for doing so. I have lung issues and early copd. It was only recently that I learned of the possible connection between commercial microwave popcorn and health concerns. Thank you so much for posting this. It's a great recipe, simple - and better for the REST of the body - plus, you don't have to deal with the grease, wax and dies included in the "other" bags. Thanks for sharing, Claudia!
      • Claudia lamascolo
        Claudia lamascolo
        Stacey I thank you for your kind note. I am glad to post something helpful and sorry about your condition... thanks again hope you love it!

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