• Mexican Spiced Pork Tenderloins with Sweet and Sour Sauce

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    Mexican Spiced Pork Tenderloins with Sweet and Sour Sauce
    Prep: 180 min Cook: 10 min Servings: 8
    by Micheline
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    An excellent , tasty, spicy pork tenderloins recipe for the BBQ. Can be made ahead and cooked when company arrives.


    • 3 pork tenderloins (375 g /12 oz each)
    • sweet and sour sauce ingredients:
    • 1 tbsp - 15 ml extra-virgin olive oil
    • 1 jalapeno pepper (optional) seeded and minced
    • 2 cloves garlic, minced
    • 2/3 cup - 150 ml orange juice
    • 1/3 cup - 75 ml lime juice
    • 1/4 cup - 50 ml cider vinegar
    • 1/4 cup - 50 ml fancy molasses
    • 1/4 cup - 50 ml liquid honey
    • Pinch of salt and pepper
    • Ingredients for the cumin rub
    • 1/4 cup - 50 ml cumin seeds
    • 2 tsp - 10 ml peppercorns
    • 1 tsp - 5 ml coarse salt
    • 2 tbsp - 25 ml vegetable oil


    1. Directions for the sweet and sour sauce: In a small saucepan, heat oil over medium heat; fry jalapeno pepper (if using) and garlic, stir-fry, until aromatic, about 1 minute. Add orange and lime juices and vinegar; bring to boil. Reduuce heat and simmer until reduced to 3/4 cup - 175 ml, about 10 minute. Remove from heat; stir in molasses, honey, salt and pepper. Make-ahead: Let cool; refrigerate in airtight container for up to 2 days. Reheat to use.
    2. Directions for the cumin rub: In a small skillet, toast cumin seeds over medium-low heat until aromatic and darkened, about 2 minutes. In clean coffee grinder, grind together cumin, pepper and salt until you get the texture of instanty coffee granules. Brush pork with oil; rub all with cumin misxture. Make-ahead: Place in shallow dish, cover and refrigerate for up to 2 hours.
    3. Place pork on greased BBQ grill over medium heat; close lid and gril for 10 minutes, turning with thongs when well grilled marked. Brush with 1/3 cup - 75 ml of the sauce; grill covered and turning often, until a mahogany brown color over medium heat but still slightly pink inside, about 5 minutes. Transfer to cutting board; tent with foil and let stand 5 minutes before slicing and serving with sauce. Makes about 8 servings.

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