• List of Sanitizing Items to Make a Germaphobe Ease while Journey

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    Germophobia is a common term used to mention a pathological fear related to un-cleanliness, bacteria, infection, contamination or simply germs. An individual experiencing this type of fear or phobia is Germaphobe and his or her problem is related to obsessive-compulsive type of disorder. These types of people often compel to wash their hands excessively and often take necessary precautions against germs or contamination. Hence, if you have to travel with a person suffering from Germophobia, you should make sure carrying a few of the sanitizing or cleanliness related items to make them comfortable during the entire journey.


    • Antibacterial Sanitizer or Hand Gel
    • Antibacterial sanitizer or hand gel is the first and the most important item to include in the survival kit of a Germaphobe. This is because; when the person fails to wash the hands, he or she may use a hand sanitizer dab prior to eating or drinking something.
    • Antibacterial Wipes
    • Antibacterial wipes are not only useful for cleaning your hands but also in sterilizing various items, where accumulation of germs takes place frequently. These include your hotel’s TV remote, your tray table at the airplane, your Smartphone and similar others. Positively, a Germaphobe may easily carry individually wrapped antibacterial wipes, as they are easily transportable in the pocket, purse or backpack.
    • Toothbrush Sanitizers
    • Most of the travelers use covers for their toothbrush between uses. However, according to Germaphobes, it leads to enclosing of moist bristles and in turn, the formation of an environment to encourage the bacterial growth at a high rate.
    • On the other side, a few other people suffering from Germaphobia fear that if they leave the toothbrush openly in a bathroom, it leads to the accumulation of fecal bacteria from the toilet flush. In this situation, good companies attempt to help a Germaphobe have come up with a toothbrush sanitizer. A specialty of this sanitizer is that it uses UV rays to kill about 99.99percent germs, while it is hardly of one once to fit perfectly on large numbers of toothbrush heads.
    • Are you a germaphobe? Germs are everywhere! As a matter of fact, there could be thousands on your keyboard and mobile phone. offers products that Germaphobes need now!
    • UV Sanitizing Wand
    • UV sanitizing wands work almost similar to gels and they use ultraviolet light for killing germs. Once you check in a hotel room, you may apply the sanitizing wand on light switches, duvet cover and doorknobs. Thus, you may relax by knowing that you are in a clean and well-sanitized environment.


    1. Airplane Seat Covers
    2. A Germaphobe may even find his or her airplane seats as grossing you out, you may choose for reusable type of airplane seat covers to wash and wipe down between your two different trips.
    3. Laptop or Phone Sanitizers
    4. If you are not satisfied with wipe down your phone or laptop, you may look for a device designed specifically for sanitizing your laptop screens and Smartphone devices. The best thing about the laptop or phone sanitizers is that they not only sanitize your device but also charge it simultaneously. The device uses UV rays to kill about 90percent of germs within only a period of 10minutes.

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