• Lentil And Rice Pilaf

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    • Stir into a medium saucepan of boiling water:
    • 1/2 c. lentils, picked over and rinsed Boil, uncovered, for 10 min, drain. Heat in a large saucepan or possibly deep skillet over low heat:
    • 2 Tbsp. veggie oil Add in and cook, stirring, till golden brown, about 8 min:
    • 1/2 c. minced onions Add in and cook just till sizzling, about 1 minute:
    • 1 x clove garlic, finely minced (or possibly 1/2 tsp from jar of chopped garlic)
    • 1/2 tsp cumin seeds (or possibly) omit and add in raisins (see below) with the rice
    • 1 c. white basmati rice (or possibly plain, white long-grain rice)
    • 1/4 c. raisins or possibly dry currants (if cumin seeds are omitted)
    • 2 c. chicken stock
    • 1/4 x to 1/2 tsp salt


    1. Lentils are the fastest-cooking dry legume and, for which reason, can be cooked with white rice into an interesting pilaf. Whole cumin seeds lend a wonderful aroma to the dish. Serve as a side dish or possibly as a main course topped with cooked veggies.
    2. Bring to a boil. Stir once, cover, and cook over medium-low heat till the stock is absorbed and the rice and lentils are tender, about 15 min. Uncover and let stand for 5 min. Meanwhile, toast in a small skillet over medium heat:1/4 c. minced walnuts
    3. Sprinkle over the pilaf and serve.

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