• Lahori Murgh

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    Lahori Murgh
    Prep: 15 min Cook: 40 min Servings: 4
    by Hina Gujral
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    Lahori Murgh as the name suggests is the recipe from Lahori Cuisine and needless to mention that Lahore is one of the cities in Pakistan. Lahori Cuisine has influences of Persian, Arabic and Mughlai Cuisine, use of whole spices, aromatic herbs and lot of meat dishes are few signature styles of Lahori Cuisine.


    • 500gm chicken, with bones
    • 3 large onion
    • 2 green chili
    • 2 large tomato, chopped
    • 2 tsp ginger garlic paste
    • 2 tsp kashmiri lal mirch
    • 1 tsp Garam Masala (see recipe here)
    • 1 tsp coriander powder
    • 4 tbsp ghee
    • Salt, as per taste
    • Whole Spices:
    • 1 star anise
    • 2 cloves
    • 2 - 3 green cardamom
    • 1 small mace
    • 2 bay leaf


    1. Clean, wash and dry chicken pieces. Set aside.
    2. In blender make smooth paste of 2 onion and green chili. Chop the remaining one onion.
    3. In a heavy bottomed sauce pan heat ghee over medium and heat, saute whole spices until aroma is released. Drain and blend into powder.
    4. In the same saucepan saute onion paste over low heat until oil separates from the masala. Transfer to a bowl and set aside.
    5. Saute chopped onion until golden brown in color.
    6. Now add ginger garlic paste and saute for 2 - 3 minutes.
    7. Add sauteed onion paste, chopped tomato, lal mirch, garam masala, coriander powder and salt. Saute over low heat for 5 - 10 minutes.
    8. Add chicken along with 2 Cups of warm water. Sprinkle powdered whole spices and seal the vessel with tight fitting lid.
    9. Let the chicken cook over low heat for sometime stirring occasionally in between.
    10. Once done garnish with ginger slices, coriander and serve hot with Naan.

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