• Kiwi, Lime And Coconut Chicken

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    • 4 x Chicken fillets, cut into strips
    • 1 dsp sherry vinegar
    • 1 dsp lime juice
    • 2 x Kiwi fruit, up to 3
    • 1 ounce Butter
    • 1 dsp extra virgin olive oil
    • 1 dsp honey
    • 140 ml Canned coconut lowfat milk
    • 70 ml Cream
    • 2 x Kiwi fruits, diced
    • 1 dsp spring onions Salt and pepper Peel of a lime, finely grated
    • 1 dsp parsley, finely minced


    1. Cut the chicken fillets into good sized strips approximately 1/2 inch thick and 3 inches long. Prepare the marinade by mixing together the diced kiwi fruit, sherry vinegar, lime juice and seasoning. Add in the chicken strips, stir well and leave to marinate for 30 min.
    2. To cook the chicken, heat the butter in a pan, add in the extra virgin olive oil and honey and, when bubbling, add in the chicken. The honey will sweeten the chicken during cooking, but be careful not to overcook. Toss for 2-3 min on either side till almost cooked and the liquid in the pan reduced.
    3. Add in the coconut lowfat milk and, if liked, a little cream. Add in the diced kiwi fruit, spring onions, salt and pepper and lime peel. Simmer gently for 5-6 min over a low heat till the chicken is cooked through. Cooking time will vary with the thickness of the cooked chicken fillets, but test just before serving. Garnish with finely minced parsley.

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