• Kebbe120 pieces

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    Kebbe120 pieces
    Prep: 25 min Cook: 10 min Servings: 40
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    Kebbe 120 pieces


    • Beef, [cleaned but same fat as a burger], fine minced through the grinder 2 kg
    • Brown Burgul, [Soaked one minute in water then dried well and tossed in a little olive oil to stop it from growing] 2 kg
    • Onion, grated with large grater attachment of by hand. 400 grams
    • Lebanese spice mix 40 grams
    • Nutmeg whole grated 1 pc
    • Salt Taste
    • Olive oil for shaping As needed
    • Filling
    • Beef, fine grind – same as above 1.5 kg
    • Onion, minced brunoise 400 grams
    • Lebanese spice mix 10 grams
    • Nutmeg, grated Taste
    • Pine nuts, fried or toasted golden brown color 100 grams
    • Sumac 20 grams
    • Salt Taste


    1. Method:
    2. 1. Keeping everything very cold for the outer shell, send all ingredients through fine mince of meat grinder twice. Mix further to make the mixture as even as possible.
    3. 2. Saute for filling #11 onions until starting to brown and add the meat and cook together until well done. Add the pinenuts and when finished let the mixture cool before adding all the spices.
    4. 3. To make the kebbe, shape the outer shell and spoon in the filling.
    5. 4. Fry the kebbe crispy and serve.

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