• Karachi Sohan Halwa/Halva

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    Karachi Sohan Halwa/Halva
    Prep: 45 min Cook: 4 min Servings: 4
    by miansari66
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    Karachi Sohan Halwa is a crunchy sweetmeat, very tasty and popular.


    • Samnak (Sprouted/germinated wheat flour) 25 gram
    • Maida 50 gram
    • Sugar 500 gram
    • Ghee (to be added in portions during cooking) 200-300 gram
    • Cardamom green powder 1 pinch
    • Butter flavour (optional) few drops
    • Almond/Pistachio/Wallnut (patially chopped) 50 gram


    1. Add Samnak, Maida and 2 tablespoon Ghee in 1-2 cup water and boil for few minutes then add sugar and cook . This is known as pateel.
    2. Now cook this pateel on low heat , add remaining ghee in portions during cooking. Vigorous stirring is required during cooking. When material is thick enough, check for taar (thread) by picking little material up in the air, if it goes up like a thread, stop further cooking. Add Cardamom green powder and flavour and mix well. Then pour in mould (ring or cube or diamond shape). Place nuts in mould at bottom before pouring the mixture. If moulds are placed on a chilled surface it will ready in 15 minutes.
    3. Mould hoding tray can be placed on an ice filled pan.
    4. Delicious Karachi Sohan Halwa is ready .
    5. Serve to your children and enjoy yourself.
    6. How To Prepared Samnak:
    7. Samnak is available in wholesale grain market. It can be prepared at home as well. Spread the wheat grains on a gunny cloth placed in a tray. Moist with water and keep under sun shade, The wheat will start germinating within 1-3 days. Remember to sprinkle water daily for moisture. When all the grains germinated , dry them under sun light and grind. This is Samnak (Germinted or Sprouted wheat).

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