• Insalata di tonno- è tutto nella ciotola

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    Canned Tuna, gotta be the easiest dinner on earth to make and offers up endless combinations of ingredients. I don't think I've ever made it the same way twice. Sometimes I plan the dish. Mostly, stick the head in the fridge and pantry and grab make the ingredients on the fly. Makes for a nice light meal especially since our temps in southern New Mexico are in the low to mid 100's the past three or so days. Mangia.


    • Four 5 oz cans of Albacore tuna - in water
    • Carrot - medium length and thickness (organic)
    • Celery - one stalk (organic)
    • Radishes - three to four (organic)
    • Red Kale - two leaves (organic)
    • Three dinner spoons of avocado mayo
    • Newman's Own Balsamic Dressing - 5 tbs
    • Scallion - one including the white part (organic)
    • Onion powder - two tsp (or your preference) (organic)
    • Garlic powder - two tsp (or your preference) (organic
    • Sea Salt - to taste


    1. Rinse the produce
    2. Mince the produce and add to mixing bowl.
    3. Drain the Albacore tins and add tuna to the bowl
    4. Add the avocado mayo, dressing and the rest of the seasonings
    5. Mix well

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