• How much does Invisible braces cost in Bangalore?

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    Invisible braces popularly known as Invisalign clear Aligners are a transparent set of orthodontic appliance trays which gradually move your teeth to the normal occlusion. The approximate cost of these clear aligners starts at 1.5 lakhs and might go upto 3 lakhs depending on the extent of movement and the duration of the treatment. For people who find this expensive there are similar brands such as clear path which start at 80000 INR thus making the treatment cost effective.


    • Are invisible braces working well?
    • & How does Invisalign work?
    • Comparing clear aligners type of treatment with traditional orthodontic treatment with ceramic braces and metal braces, which involves wires and brackets is like comparing laptops with mobile phones. Time tested metal appliances till now were capable of correcting any major or even minor malocclusions. Invisalign till date could move your teeth only to a certain extent & depends on the type, but now the technology has evolved to even correct severe malocclusions such as deep bite using the smart track material. Another option for people who don't want braces to be visible are the lingual braces. Clear aligners are usually not recommended when premolars are extracted in cases such as correction of class two malocclusions. Cases where tipping and torquing is requires might still need traditional braces with rubber bands for these misaligned teeth. But never the less the technology is evolving and we need to wait and see what the future holds for Invisalign when it comes to correcting crooked teeth.
    • How much does a ceramic braces cost in India?
    • There are multiple factors involved in the pricing i.e experience of the orthodontist, the city, location of the dental practise & the brand of the ceramic appliance eg American orthodontics being the most popular brand. A dental clinic in Bangalore with good equipment and doctors ceramic braces on an average might start from 25000 INR and can go upto 40000 INR. The treatment might be relatively cheaper in dental colleges where the treatment is carried out by orthodontic post graduate students and usually starts at 15000 INR.
    • How much do clear brace aligners cost in India?
    • When it comes to countries like India, the kind of awareness pertaining to this technology is still low. The advantage to many urban Indians that clear aligners provide are the invisibility, comfort and the flexibility of removability. Clear path is the cheaper and cost effective alternative to invisalign. Alignwise 32 Watts is an India brand that starts at around 80000. Alignwise is the clear and cost effective option when it comes to clear aligners.
    • A variety of malocclusions can be corrected using the align technology to give you a flashable smile. This treatment usually starts with a through orthodontic assessment by your orthodontists.
    • What does self-ligating brackets mean?


    1. Self ligating brackets have slots into which the wires are places. These slots are also called doors or clips which facilitate the placement of the elastics.
    2. There are two types of self ligating brackets.
    3. 1) Active appliance - The active self-ligating brackets have better tipping and torque movements, a this is because the clips are active enough to force the wire into the bracket slots while the orthodontists place the appliance.
    4. 2) Passive appliance - They do not push the wires down thanks to their doors.

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