• Homemade Ham Stock

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    Homemade Ham Stock
    Prep: 10 min Cook: 4 hours Servings: 12
    by Robyn Savoie
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    Whenever I make a ham dinner I always make sure to save the ham bone because it can be used in soups or stocks to which it adds a ton of flavor. The ham bone keeps well in the freezer so even if I don't plan on making a soup right away I freeze it for later. Or I will take the time and make the stock in advance and freeze that in 16 ounce increments. Just remember when making this stock, the longer you simmer the ham bone, the more flavor you get from it.


    • 4 Lbs. Smoked Ham Hocks & Trimmings
    • 4 Quarts Cold Water
    • 1 Large Yellow Onion, Quartered With Skin
    • 1 Large Carrot, Quartered
    • 2 Large Stalks Celery, Quartered With Leaves
    • 3 Sprigs Fresh Parsley
    • 2 Springs Fresh Thyme
    • 2 Cloves Garlic, Crushed
    • 1 Large Bay Leaf
    • 5 Whole Peppercorns
    • 1 Tsp. Salt


    1. Place ham hocks, trimmings and cold water in a large stockpot. Slowly bring to a gentle boil. Skim the surface of water as foam rises to the top.
    2. Meanwhile, place parsley, thyme, garlic, bay leaf and peppercorns in cheese cloth; secure with cotton butchers string.
    3. When foam subsides; add onion, carrot, celery, bouquet garni and salt. Simmer with lid slightly ajar for about 3 - 4 hours. Remove from heat and use a slotted spoon to remove bone, vegetables and herbs.
    4. Strain broth through a sieve lined with two layers of cheese cloth. Cool completely and refrigerate overnight. Refrigerating will separate and solidify the fats from the liquid; skim the fat off before using.

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