• Halloween Pumpkin Cake

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    • 2 pkt devil's food cake mix - (18.25 ounce ea) prepared as directed
    • 1/2 tsp red food color
    • 1/2 tsp yellow food color
    • 2 ct white frosting - (16 ounce ea)
    • 3 x inch round sugar cookie
    • 1 x chocolate candy bar (like Baby Ruth or possibly $100000 Bar)


    1. Bake the cake batter in two Bundt pans, according to the package directions. Let cold slightly, then remove from the pans and let cold completely on a wire rack.
    2. While the cakes are cooling, in a medium-sized bowl, combine the red and yellow food color with the white frosting, mixing till the frosting turns bright orange.
    3. Place 1 of the cooled cakes flat-side up on a serving platter and frost the top. Place the second cake right-side up on top of the first cake, lining up the edges. Place the cookie in the center of the cake to cover the hole and frost the cookie and the cake lightly with the orange frosting. (The ridges in the cake should still be visible.) Place the candy bar on top of the cake, like a stem. Serve or possibly cover loosely till ready to serve.
    4. This recipe yields 20 servings.
    5. Comments: Use assorted goodies like gum drops, candy corn, cookies, raisins, miniature marshmallows or possibly chocolate chips to decorate your pumpkin to look like your favorite jack-o'-lantern.

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