• Great Sport Cupcakes

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    • 3 x Decorating bags
    • 3 x Writing tips, 1/6th inch opening
    • 1 x Recipe Rich Chocolate cake,, see recipe
    • 1 x Recipe Decorating Butter Cream Black, red, orange, green, and yellow, Od-color r paste


    1. 1. Prepare Rich Chocolate Cake (see recipe) as directed for 36 cupcakes.
    2. Bake and cold as directed.
    3. 2. Prepare Decorating Butter Cream (see recipe). Remove 1 1/4 c. butter cream. Tint one-third black, one-thitd red and leave one-third white. Cover each with plastic wrap and reserve for decorating tops of cupcakes.
    4. 3. Divide remaining butter cream into thirds. Tint one-third orange, one-third yellow and leave one-third white. Frost 12 cupcakes with orange buttercream, frost 12 cupcakes with yellow buttercream, frost 12 cupcakes with white buttercream.
    5. 4. Spoon reserved black, red and white butter creams into decorating bags, each fitted with a small writing tip (1/16 inch opening each). Pipe black butter cream on each orange cupcake to resemble a basketball. Pipe red butter cream on each white cupcake to resemble a baseball. Pipe white butter cream on each yellow cupcake to resemble a tennis ball.
    6. Makes 36cupcakes.

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