• Geera(pork,chicken,neck, gizzard, shrimp)

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    by carie james- dolabaille
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    This is a favorite in Trinidad and Tobago .This dish is usual cooked for parties as a cutters( appetizer).It can be made with any meat : chicken,chicken neck, gizzard, pork, shrimp


    • .1- 2 pounds meat (any meat will do) cut up into small pieces
    • .1 large onion ( or 2 medium onion) chopped
    • .1 head of garlic chopped
    • .2 hot pepper chopped
    • .2 spring of chive chopped
    • .1/2 tsp thyme
    • .salt to taste
    • .2-4 bundles of chandon beni ( depending on the size) chopped
    • .roasted geera powder
    • .water
    • .oil


    1. cut up meat into small shuncks
    2. cut up all seasoning and add to meat
    3. .stir until meat is fully coated
    4. .add some geera to meat coating evenly and stir.
    5. .in a hot pot add oil
    6. .when oil is hot add 1- 2 tablespoons of geera powder to oil
    7. .when the geera makes a paste add meat and stir coating evenly
    8. .let cook for 1 -2 minutes
    9. .add enough water to cover meat
    10. .cover and let liquid boil down till there is no liquid left (you can leave a little liquid if you want gravy)
    11. .this should take 30-45 mins depending if you gas or electric
    12. when done add salt to taste

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    • mariska
      i was looking for a recipe for geera pork cutters! thanks!


      • Keisha Richards
        Keisha Richards
        This recipe was very helpful.I really wanted to learn how to cook geera gizzard.Thanks very much.

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