• Garlic Baked Chicken Recipe

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    Pin Stumble Tweet ShareGarlic Baked Chicken Recipe – Crispy oven baked chicken coated with plenty of garlic. Ready in minutes and the whole family will love it!  Baked chicken is kind of a staple in a lot of households. But it can be boring, right? I grew up having chicken breasts, probably at least once a week for dinner.  They were seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic salt and paprika.  Yep, just about as exciting as it sounds!  Always with a veggie on the side like Roasted Green Beans. Southwest Baked Chicken is one of my favorite ways to mix up a baked chicken breast.  There you have taco seasoning, salsa and cheese.  Not complicated, but full of flavor!  Today we are making it crispy, and adding in lots of garlic! If you are looking for even more baked chicken recipes check out my Italian Baked Chicken. Again, just chicken, canned tomatoes, pesto and cheese.  Super easy to throw together! How to Bake A Chicken Breast The key to making it taste good and not boring is seasoning.  That can be spices you sprinkle over the top, or a sauce you cook it in.  Chicken is a blank canvas and really takes on the flavor of what you put with it.  So really add anything!  Pesto, salsa, bread crumbs, taco seasoning, olive oil & Greek seasoning…you name it! Chicken breasts come in all different sizes, so you have to use the time on the recipe as a guide.  At my grocery store half the time I buy chicken it is a full pound for 1 piece. So I have to cut it into reasonable sized portions, but they are always rather thick.  So I cook mine for longer.  You can buy frozen chicken in 4-6 oz portions, those are thin and will cook much quicker. Oven temperature is important.  If you want your chicken crispy, like this in this garlic baked chicken, you have to have a higher oven temp. But if you are just baking with seasonings or in a sauce than 350 degrees is fine. Do not over cook.  Chicken breasts dry out very quickly.  So use a meat thermometer to help you.  Chicken cooks to 165 degrees.  So check it and make sure you don’t go over, or you will have dry chicken and will not be happy. This baked chicken breast recipe has been a staple for years!!  I think this was one of the first things I ever learned how to make in college.  I remember following along in a magazine my mom had and making roasted potatoes to go with it.  It has been updated a little bit over the years, but still a favorite! You can serve just about any side dish you want with this baked chicken.  Taco Pasta Salad would be great if you are making it in the summer.  Or if asparagus is in season I love this Pan Charred Asparagus. Pin Stumble Tweet Share

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