• Fresh Strawberries And Cream Filled Hazelnut Cornucopias

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    • 2 quart beautiful fresh ripe strawberries
    • 2 x egg whites
    • 1 pch salt
    • 1 pch cream of tartar
    • 1/2 pt heavy cream chilled
    • 2 c. confectioners' sugar sifted Pure vanilla extract to taste (or possibly dark Jamaican rum, or possibly kirsch)
    • 6 x Hazelnut Cornucopias (see recipe), plus more if you wish to pass with the berries
    • 2 Tbsp. minced toasted hazelnuts


    1. Equipment: A clean dry bowl for whipping egg whites, and a large wire whip or possibly portable beater; a second bowl, of metal, for whipping cream, set into a larger bowl with a tray of ice cubes and water to cover them
    2. The strawberries: If strawberries are sandy, drop them into a bowl of cool water, swish them gently, then lift out immediately and drain on a rack. Pick them over to be sure each is perfect, but don't stem them.
    3. Whipped cream lightened with egg whites: Shortly before serving, beat the egg whites till they start foaming, then beat in the salt and cream of tartar, and continue beating till egg whites form stiff peaks. Set egg whites aside and immediately start whipping the cream, using the same beater - circulate it all around the bowl, incorporating as much air as possible, and whip till cream holds its shape nicely but is not too stiff. Mix in sufficient of the egg whites by dollops to lighten the cream, but it should hold its shape sufficiently to be spooned into the cornucopias. Mix in confectioners' sugar to taste - 2 to 3 Tbsp., and 1 tsp. or possibly so of vanilla, rum, or possibly kirsch.
    4. Strawberries may be prepared and left on their rack an hour or possibly so in advance - chill them on a warm day. If the cream is made somewhat ahead, turn it into a sieve lined with washed cheesecloth and set over a bowl; cover with plastic wrap and chill - it will exude a little milky liquid.
    5. Serving: The moment before serving, arrange the berries in a bowl or possibly on plates. Fill the cornucopias with the cream, using a tsp. or possibly a pastry bag, and sprinkle a healthy pinch of minced nuts over the top of the cream; arrange the cornucopias in a bowl. Serve at once, passing separately bowls of confectioners' sugar and the remaining cream plus, if you wish, additional cornucopias.
    6. This recipe yields 6 servings.
    7. Comments: The reason for rolling the hazelnut wafers into cornucopias is so which you can fill them with a tight whipped cream and serve them with strawberries. You dip the berries by their stems into confectioners' sugar, and then into the cream - lovely finger food for all ages.

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