• Fish Tacos

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    • 1 lb Fresh, mild white fish (snapper, halibut, mahi, etc)
    • 1 sm Dozen corn tortillas, pref. homemade Cabbage, shredded (green, purple or possibly combo) Radishes, sliced Cilantro, minced Limes, preferably Key or possibly Mexican Your favorite bottled warm sauce


    1. The Baja style of fish tacos usually involves chunks of fish which have been breaded and deep-fried. These tacos are then slathered with mayo.
    2. Heart attack material. Here's a healthier, and more colorful, alternative style a la Mantanchen Bay in Nayarit state, on Mexico's mainland west coast:1. Prepare a medium-warm grill (coals, electric or possibly gas grill, not a "flat grill" or possibly griddle).
    3. 2. Cut fish into chunks which will be easy to handle with spatula. Marinade fish briefly in lime juice and a little sea salt.
    4. 3. Pam or possibly otherwise lightly oil the grill. Grill fish, turning once; don't overcook. When done, set fish aside in hot oven while you flip-flop tortillas on grill till warm. Make tacos by breaking up fish and placing in warm tortilla, garnished with the fresh veggies, lime squeeze, sea salt and warm sauce to taste. Will ([email protected])

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