• Filet Mignon Topped With Shrimp, Crab with a Garlicy Wine Sauce

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    Filet Mignon Topped With Shrimp, Crab with a Garlicy Wine Sauce
    Cook: 45 min Servings: 2
    by Claudia lamascolo
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    This tender filet is bursting with flavor. Starting with a mouth watering filet, portabello mushrooms, shrimp, centered with a mound of crab meat, with a creamy butter,wine garlic sauce over the top~.


    • 2 Filet Mignon
    • 4 extra large Shrimp or more
    • 1 package of Portabello Mushrooms sliced


    1. see link below for the instructions

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    • kathy gori
      kathy gori
      lovely claudia! fillet mingon is my favorite cut of steak.
      • Ryan Boudreaux
        Ryan Boudreaux
        Love me some surf and turf`.
        • John Elder
          John Elder
          This looks great, I might try it for Valentines day.
          • Claudia lamascolo
            Claudia lamascolo
            thanks so much!
            • Tara Rhyner- Janisch
              hey claudia i would love to try this but cant seem to find the link below to get full recipe!! it because im on a mobile site?
          • Rocky D. Wright
            Rocky D. Wright
            Truly an awesome meal, my wife loves this dish!!!!
            • Nancy Meachum
              Nancy Meachum
              Oh shear heaven!!! Will try this SOON!!! I know this is going to be SO great!!! I cannot wait!!! Will add more review when I do try! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
              • Rick Kueck
                Rick Kueck
                I like Italian Food anyway but this looks better than its supposed to be. All the right stuff that melds perfectly.


                • Tara Rhyner- Janisch
                  where do i find the recipe
                  • Claudia lamascolo
                    Claudia lamascolo
                  • ShaleeDP
                    Fillet mignon is one of my favorite beef dish. I would try this recipe to get a different kick of the food :)

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