• Eggless Choco Crumbly Cookies*Tried & Tested*

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    Eggless Choco Crumbly Cookies*Tried & Tested*
    Prep: 15 min Cook: 30 min Servings: 36
    by shruthisingh4
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    A few days back i happened to post my *Tried & Tested* version of 20 min Choco Almond - Cashew Secret Center Crumbly Cookies and a very old school friend popped me a question on how about an egg-less version and and i decided to give that a try well with slight variations of my own..;).This is an exceptionally easy one for baking beginners.These are Classic Shortbread sort of Cookies which absolutely melt in your mouth...but technically these are cookies which use Cornflour along with normal All purpose Flour while baking these.The Cocoa in it adds a much needed twist to their melt in the mouth texture apart from the fact that these are Egg less.I used a bit of yoghurt and maple syrup while experimenting with flavours and while adding to it's health value i don't think it did much harm to the cookie's texture too...;) This one's gotta be a keeper ladies..;) So Reena, here's what i got for you especially:


    • 1 and 1/4th Cup: All Purpose Flour/Maida.
    • 3/4th Cup: Powdered / Icing Sugar( I added 1/2 Cup Sugar and 6-7 Tbsp of Maple Syrup, instead you can just increase the amount of yoghurt instead of 1/3rd Cup just make it 1/2 Cup that should help to bind).
    • 200gms: Unsalted Butter @ room temperature.
    • 1/3 Cup: Cornflour.
    • 1/2 Tsp: Vanilla Essence.
    • 1/3 Cup: Yoghurt.
    • 1/4th Cup: Cocoa Powder( I used Hershey's You can use any of your choice).


    1. Thoroughly sift the Maida / All - purpose Flour,Cocoa and Cornflour in a bowl 3-4 times, if your in no mood to sift just ensure you mix the ingredients well so there are no lumps in the flour.
    2. Beat the mixture of Butter + Vanilla essence + Sugar well so the mixture is nice,creamy and fluffy.
    3. Add yoghurt to it and again beat to mix well, now slowly add the flour little by little so you can incorporate the mixture well and also to ensure zero lumps, You can use your electric mixer or even use a simple spatula or just your hands and mix the same well.
    4. Once you've finished Kneading the mixture begin by Preheating the Oven for about 10 minutes @ 180 degrees C.
    5. Meanwhile make small balls with the readied dough and press gently. Space them at least 2 inches apart on the baking tray so they have enough place to rise or spread.
    6. My dough was really well behaved such that i didn't even have to sprinkle flour on the tray or use parchment paper/baking sheet they just didn't stick to the tray at all.
    7. I placed the tray in the preheated oven for 30 mins but i did check mine at the 20th minute for their done-ness but mine took about 10 minutes more(hint to check: open the oven and just press your finger very gently on the top of the cookie if it springs back it needs to bake for some more time).
    8. Once done keep on a cooling rack or just place the tray outside the oven for a good 20 odd minutes before dusting the icing sugar( i dusted it just for the color) and tasting it.

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