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    Easy Flux has Best Compostable Bags Manufacturers in India We make a Compostable Biodegradable Bags made from pure eco friendly Sources


    • Differences between Paper Bags and Plastic Bags:
    • In this regard, a report commissioned details that the recycling rates of paper bags are higher than those offered by plastic bags, although the emissions of gases during their production, consumption of energy and water They are much higher than the levels needed to make plastic bags.
    • In addition, they tend to be heavier and more bulky products than their oil-derived 'sisters'.
    • For their part, they explain that in the manufacture of paper it is necessary to distinguish between use and consumption of water, since only between 5% and 10% of the water used is actually consumed when evaporating in the process or being incorporated into the product.
    • The rest is reused and returns to the treatment plants. The total use of water in Spanish pulp and paper mills is 30% less today than in 2000, for a 22% higher production.
    • Now that you know the characteristics of plastic and paper, it's time to ask yourself if you really want to use a type of bag or study other alternatives, to protect the environment


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