• Churros my way with no eggs!!!!

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    Churros my way with no eggs!!!!
    Prep: 15 min Cook: 20 min Servings: 8
    by Shuly Karasin
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    Delishes Churros crispy on the outside and soft on the inside...


    • set aside: 3/4 cups sugar
    • 2 1/2 Tspn cinnamon
    • 1/2 vanilla bean split and scraped from the goodies. ( don't discard the shell!!! Keep it for another use)
    • For the batter
    • 1 cup regular flour
    • 1 cup boiling water
    • 1 1/2 Tspn baking powder
    • 3 tblspn olive oil
    • Pinch of salt
    • 1 Tspn sugar
    • 2 cup of canola oil for frying


    1. In a medium bowl mix flour , salt, baking powder, sugar
    2. In a small bowl mix boiling hot water, oil
    3. Add to the flower and whisk till combined.
    4. Let it rest for 10 mins
    5. In the mean time heat the canola oil to reach 375F
    6. In a piping big strong bag attached a 6-8 mm star tip
    7. While the oil is hot pipe direct to the oil using assessor to cut a 5-6 inches long ; and fry it for 4-5 min or until nice light brown color.
    8. Remove from oil to a metal strainer once it's cool roll it in the sugar mix
    9. Bon appetite

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    • ShaleeDP
      Interesting. This is a good recipe to keep.
      • judee
        so many people don't eat eggs. This is a great recipe to have
        • Shuly Karasin
          Shuly Karasin
          I love it without eggs.

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