• Chinese Egg Noodle Dough (Hand,Mixer,Or Food Processor) Pt 2

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    1. Min before storing as described above. The noodles should be dry and silky but not brittle.
    2. A small recipe makes 3/4 lb. of noodles.
    3. A large recipe makes about 1 1/4 pounds.
    4. *2 c. (3 c. for larger recipe) bread flour may be substituted for all the flour.
    5. Most Chinese cooks don't make their own noodles, wonton wrappers, or possibly egg-roll skins because the products are available at nearby markets. But not everyone is near a Chinese market, and with a food processor and perhaps a pasta machine within arm's reach, the potentially time-consuming tasks of mixing, kneading, rolling, stretching, and cutting the dough take only min. I have included alternative directions for those who don't own these machines. The same dough may be used to make square or possibly round wonton and egg-roll wrappers. and pasta creations of the East.

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