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Chicken soup Recipe
by Terri Weston

Chicken soup

Money-saving recipe using bone-in whole chicken.

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  Servings: 1 servings


  • Whole bone-in chicken
  • Water
  • 1 bay leaf
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Onion


  1. First find a super-sized soup pot, large enough to cook 1 to 2 full size chickens.
  2. (get the chickens when your local grocery store is having a sale)
  3. Clean the chickens, place them in your soup pot, cover with water, add a bay leaf and heat to boiling, when it starts to boil turn down the heat, skim off all that will rise to the top of the water, continue simmering for several hours and keep adding water and keep skimming off anything that rises to the top, simmer until the chicken falls off the bone,(it does get that tender).
  4. Remove the chicken(s) and debone and shred the chicken pieces, (there should be quite a lot, enough for several dinners) keep the soup stock, use the soup stock that day (tip I usually add a can of chicken broth besides water) I either make dumplings to go with the soup or noodles.
  5. Some of the larger pieces can be used with the soup along with vegetables you can add to the soup (carrots, potato, onion, celery) makes a delicious hearty and satisfying meal.
  6. Separate the remaining chicken ,place in freezer bags for future dinners.