• Cheese Burger Cake for a Birthday

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    Cheese Burger Cake for a Birthday
    Prep: 40 min Cook: 1 hours Servings: 25
    by A Cook at Heart
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    A Cheese Burger Cake made that is sure to please all ages! The 'bun' is plain cake, try butter or vanilla or yellow and the 'meat patty' is a delectable brownie. The frosting is a light, airy whipped and cream cheese frosting that melts in your mouth and fruit roll ups add a splash of color in the form of Lettuce, Tomato and cheese!


    • Cake mix ( butter or yellow or vanilla)
    • Brownie mix
    • Whipped cream
    • Cream cheese
    • Conf. sugar
    • Vanilla extract
    • Fruit roll ups
    • Tan or brown food color
    • Leaf shaped cutter
    • Round cookie cutter


    1. Make cake as per directions. Ensure that one is a round cake and the other is baked in a Pyrex ( or oven safe) round bowl.
    2. Cool and level the cakes using leveler or serrated knife.
    3. make brownie ( using same sized pan as that used for the cake) and cool
    4. Using green fruit roll ups, cut out leaf shapes and gently pull at them a little to give them a lettuce like look
    5. Using the cookie cutter, cut out round shapes from red fruit roll ups- for tomato
    6. Cut yellow fruit roll ups in squares- for cheese
    7. Make the frosting. First, chill the bowl and beater in the freezer for 10-15 mins. Cream the cream cheese and sugar. when thoroughly mixed, add the heavy whipping cream and vanilla extract and whip until it forms soft peaks. while making the frosting, slowly add food color to get a tan shade
    8. Place the bottom ( round cake) for the burger bun and frost using the above frosting.
    9. Gently place the brownie patty on top - make sure it is aligned to the bottom cake
    10. Alternate the 'tomato' and 'cheese' cuts on the burger patty.
    11. place the 'lettuce' leaves under the brownie.
    12. Frost the top, rounded bun and very carefully and pick it up with a large, flat spatula ( like a pancake spatula) and carefully place on top of the brownie.
    13. If u have, sprinkle some candy coated sunflower seeds on top

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