• Capt Pete`s PICKLED ONIONS

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    Capt Pete`s PICKLED ONIONS
    Prep: 13 hours Cook: 10 min Servings: 1
    by Peter Brown
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    In pursuit of the perfect pickle I love all forms of pickles and preserves. Its a hobby of mine so I like to think my piclke products are good. I do concede everyone has their own tastes so variations to the PERFECT PICKLE are allowed


    • Pickle onions as many as you want
    • White Grape Vinegar
    • Red Grape Vinegar
    • Light Brown Sugar
    • Water
    • Coarse Salt
    • Pickle spice
    • Chillies
    • Brine mix
    • 50g salt +_
    • 500ml water
    • Vinegar Pickle mix per 1litre
    • Red Grape Vinegar 15% 150 ml
    • White Grape Vinegar 55% 550 ml
    • Water 30% 300ml
    • Brown Sugar 180ml (+-140grams)
    • 10ml Pickle spice
    • You may want it more or less sweet, add or take away sugar keep tasting


    1. Prepare onions by topping , tailing and peeling.
    2. Make enough brine to cover onions
    3. cover onions with brine in non metallic container
    4. Leave for 24 hours
    5. SLOWLY BRING Vinegar mix to the boil, switch off and let cool completely
    6. Remove onions and wash in fresh water, dry well (to ensure a crisp end product)
    7. Pack onions in sterilized jars
    8. Add 2 red chillis per jar and cover onions with vinegar mix

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