• CAPE BRANDY TART (also known as Tipsy Tart)

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    Servings: 6-8
    by Les
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    Traditional South African Pudding. Light and delicious. Freezes beautifully so you can always have a pudding on hand.


    • 250g dates - stoned ( pips removed)
    • 5 ml Bicarbonate of Soda
    • 250 ml boiling water
    • 125g margarine or butter
    • 250 ml castor sugar
    • 2 eggs beaten
    • 375 ml cake flour
    • 5 ml Baking Powder
    • 3 ml salt
    • 100g pecan or walnuts chopped (optional)


    1. Cut up dates and divide into 2 equal portions.
    2. Add bicarb and boiling water to one half, mix well and set aside to cool.
    3. Cream margarine and sugar, add beaten eggs and mix well.
    4. Sieve dry ingredients and fold into margarine mixture.
    5. Add second portion of dates, together with nuts if you are using them and mix well.
    6. Stir in the date and bicarb mixture and mix thoroughly.
    7. Turn batter into two greased foil (or other) tart plate 22cm in size.
    8. Bake in preheated oven at 180/360 for 40 - 50 minutes or until skewer inserted comes out clean.
    9. NOTE:
    10. SYRUP must be poured over the hot tarts as soon as they come out of the oven.
    11. 370 ml castor sugar
    12. 250 ml water
    13. 15g margarine or butter
    14. 5 ml vanilla essence
    15. 190 ml South African Brandy
    16. Heat sugar, margarine/butter and water together until sugar has dissolved.
    17. Remove from the heat and stir in Brandy and vanilla essence.
    18. Pour over hot tarts
    19. Serve at room temperature with freshly whipped thick cream or vanilla ice cream.

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