• Broiled Mackerel or Mackerel Preserves

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    Broiled Mackerel or Mackerel Preserves
    Prep: 20 min Cook: 2 hours Servings: 4
    by Helenscooking
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    This dish is better than sardines preserves, it contains a lot of important components for a healthy diet. Mackerel is a great source of protein and minerals, such as magnesium (21 percent of daily value), phosphorus (24 percent of daily value) and especially selenium (71 percent of daily value). Remembering all this, you shouldn't also forget that mackerel contains a significant number of calories due to a high protein and fat content.


    • Mackerel - 4 lb
    • Water - 2 cups
    • Salt - 2 teaspoons
    • Pepper - 2 teaspoons
    • Sunflower oil - 1/2 cup


    1. The process is simple: take 4 lbs of mackerel, clean and wash the fish. Cut into mid-sized chunks.
    2. ***Tip from Helen*** You can fillet the fish or leave it as is and just chop it with bones. ***
    3. Put the fish into the clay saucepan. season the fish and stir it. Add 2 cups of water and sunflower oil. Put the saucepan on a medium heat and broil for 2 hours. Read more

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