• Bobby Lovera's Sicilian Fried Pie Calzoncelli

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    Bobby Lovera's Sicilian Fried Pie Calzoncelli
    Prep: 5 min Cook: 5 min Servings: 5
    by Bobby Lovera
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    These miniature fried pies are easy, delicious, and inexpensive. Sicilian filling. Very addictive.


    • 1 Can Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layer Honey Butter Biscuits
    • 1 C. Lemon Cake Mix (for breading)
    • 1/2 C. Greek Honey Yogurt or stiff Pudding or Cheesecake
    • 1/2 C. Lemon Curd from a jar
    • 2 drops Fiori di Sicilia (substitute a dab of Apricot Jam)
    • 1 egg beaten
    • 1/2 C. Milk
    • Oil for frying
    • Butter Flavor Crisco Shortening
    • Powder Sugar


    1. Mix yogurt with flavoring.
    2. Beat egg with milk to make an egg wash.
    3. Heat 2 C. Oil mixed with a big spoon full of Butter flavor Crisco shortening on medium high power.
    4. Open can of biscuits and peel off the layers or cut each into 4 pieces and roll out a 2 1/2 inch biscuit can make 4 Calzoncelli or square ravioli.
    5. Use a pinch of cake mix to prevent sticking.
    6. Add dabs of filling 1/2 t. of each.. fold and crimp the Calzoncelli.
    7. Dip Calzoncelli in egg wash then coat with cake mix powder.
    8. Fry about 10 seconds on each side until golden brown.
    9. Dust with powdered sugar if desired and serve hot.

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    • Bobby Lovera
      Bobby Lovera
      Can be filled and frozen in advance...bread and fry on a moments notice!
      A vanilla cake mix powder is also good for the breading.
      Certain fillings should be frozen and cut or scooped before using for greater ease and less mess if making larger batches.
      Also you may want to fill them all and have them ready to fry before heating the oil depending on the situation.

      It's a chocolate chestnut filling (I now use a Nutella type) or Lemon citrus vanilla...the cake powder breading seems to be my invention. A traditional Calzoncelli would unfortunately not include a cake mix breading.
      Biscuit dough is a nifty short cut and this brand and flavor is very good.
      Try chocolate pudding mixed with a little Nutella and use chocolate cake mix or brownie mix for the breading. Omg.
      Jiff now makes a chocolate hazelnut spread as does Kroger brand.

      Let me show you how much fun there is to be had when you let yourself ascend into some of the modern styles:

      Your favorite Oreo halved and touched with some pudding or frosting and breaded with Brownie mix. Omg.
      Caramel Apple filling with Apple Spice cake mix breading. Omg.
      White Chocolate Macadamia Raspberry Cheesecake Filling with Strawberry Cake mix breading. Omg.
      Sweetened Condensed Milk and shredded Coconut flake filling breaded with Coconut or chocolate cake mix....paging Almond Joy!
      Any fruit cobbler filling with butter cake mix breading.
      Reese's Cups..Chocolate cake mix.

      Key Lime pie, Creme Brulee, Red Velvet....try soon!


      • Robyn Savoie
        Robyn Savoie
        This is in my "To Try" folder. If I wasn't making Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs tomorrow, I'd make this. I have Wisconsin's Original recipe...
        • Bobby Lovera
          Bobby Lovera
          Do post your Cream Puffs! I put Tira Misu in mine but I haven't made them in awhile. I would probably try to use these biscuits instead of making choux from scratch.
          If you have a press mold for empanadas (empanadas are slightly larger however) or ravioli it makes things even more convenient.
          • Robyn Savoie
            Robyn Savoie
            I just added my recipe. Tira Misu, I'll need to try that next time. Thanks for the idea.
            The key I learned in making good puffs is to use real butter and a wooden spoon to blend, start to finish. No power tools allowed! Well maybe when whipping the cream. Some recipes require the "mix with love" method. Mom phrase whenever hand blend/mixing is required no matter what. :)
        • judee
          Interesting recipe.What a great dessert
          • Bobby Lovera
            Bobby Lovera
            Thank You Judee!
            I welcome your comments!

            You could make them in smaller batches with less oil by pan frying them in a small skillet.

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